Peer Review | 同行评审

Peer Review Process (Key Steps)

1. The submitted paper is first checked by the program chairs in terms of whether it is within the broad scope of the conference and has sufficient merit. Program chairs also pay attention to the readability, grammar and usage before considering for formally initiating the review process. The author will be informed quickly if their paper is accepted or not at this stage.

2. After initial approval by the program chair, paper is sent out to two or three reviewers. Reviewers review the paper and send it back to the editorial office for processing.

3. After review, program chair releases reviews to authors. Authors are asked to respond to reviewers and make necessary corrections. Paper is sent out for re-review.

4. Program chair may accept, reject, accept with minor alterations, or sent out for third review.

5. If accepted, author need to submit final version. Prior to publication, the final Camera-Ready version will be sent to authors to confirm. No edits may be made after it confirmed.

Apply For Reviewer

ICCCV 2025 welcomes scientists and researchers to participate as peer reviewers. The blind peer review process is important because it guarantees the high quality of articles published.

Job Description:
Peer reviewers are internet-based, part time volunteers whose working language is English.

This is a voluntary job. While we do not offer salaries to volunteers, your name will be listed on the conference webpage and in the printed proceedings, and we will also offer electronic reviewer certificate.

The Benefits of Being a Peer Reviewer include:
- Developing professional opportunities and contacts,
- Increasing evaluation skills,
- Being the first to see new materials,
- Listing as an Technical Committee member on the conference webpage and in the printed proceedings,
- Getting an electronic reviewer certificate,
- Bolstering of resumes for promotion and/or tenure.

Eligibility and Requirements for Peer Reviewers:
- Doctoral degree or above,
- Academic job at a university or organization,
- Fluency in English (academic and professional),
- Strong interest and expertise in Control and Computer Vision filed,
- Speed and accuracy.

How to Apply:
If you are interested to be a reviewer, please send your latest CV to E-mail:

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