About Tianjin | 天津简介

       Tianjin (Jin for short) is a municipality direct under the Central Government, as well as an opening city. It's situated in the eastern part of the North China Plain, covering an area of 11,300 square km. and with a population of six million.

  It has a semi-humid continental climate in the warm Temperate Zone. With an annual average temperature of 12 degrees centigrade, and rainfall of 590 millimeters, it has 220 frost-free days per year. It's rich in petroleum, natural gas and sea salt along the coastal area.

  As one of China's biggest industrial centers, Tianjin has built up an all-round industrial system with machinery, electronics, textiles, chemicals, metallurgy, foodstuff etc. as its mainstays. The production on a fairly large scale, of arts and crafts like hand-made carpets, Yangliuqing's New Year Pictures printed from an engraved wood plate, Zhang's painted clay figurines, kites etc. holds an important position in the country. Tianjin has already achieved successes in the operation of its Economic and Technological Development Zone in the northeastern part of Tanggu District, covering an area of 33 square km.

  Tianjin is one of the most prosperous business areas as well as a distribution center for goods and materials in North China.

  It's also a key hub of land and sea communications. Its port consisting of Tianjin, Tanggu and Xingang Harbours is an important Chinese Sea port, serving as the most convenient sea outlet for Beijing, North China and Northwest. The port accessible to ocean freighters of ten thousand tons class has opened more than 20 ocean shipping routes. Tianjin has a well-developed road transport network, regular air-service to over 30 cities throughout the country, and inland water shipping, in addition to the pipelines for oil transport.

  Tianjin is a famous historical city. The best known scenic spots and historical sites include Ning Garden, Tianhou Temple (Temple of Heavenly Empress), Dule Temple in Ji county, The Great Wall at the Huangya Pass, the Panshan scenery area etc.

  Efforts are being made to develop Tianjin primarily into a financial center in North China, an international commercial city and a free port.

Useful Tianjin Maps
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